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De-cluttering Tips

Discover 2 vital reasons why you should NEVER de-clutter your kids rooms... without them! Want to reduce the amount of kids clutter & disorganisation at home, but not sure how to get them to cooperate? Worried they'll fight you every step of the way or declare they want to 'keep all the things'?
Decision Fatigue is the unknown element working against your de-cluttering efforts. Learn what it is, how to recognise it and what to do about it in this quick video. It will really change how you manage your de-cluttering efforts. Ready to enlist your home as an antidote to stress & a tool for self care?
Losing momentum when de-cluttering? Save your mental energy when de-cluttering and get more achieved through the power of batching. Learn how - including real life examples - in this video. Ready to enlist your home as an antidote to stress & a tool for self care?

Home Staging Tips

What is the #1 mistake property sellers make when they decide to sell? They fail to make this 1 vital mental shift that will completely change the way they present their property to market - which dictates their success in achieving the fastest & most lucrative sale possible.
Trying to sell your home with brightly coloured walls and wondering if you should you leave them or paint them out? Find out in this quick video what you should and shouldn't do - and why. Ready to to get your property sold and move on?

Interior Styling Tips

Don't waste your money buying the wrong sized rug. Learn how to choose the right rug size to zone your space, and add a sense of comfort and generosity. PLUS discover my money saving tip for getting large rugs. Ready to enlist your home as an antidote to stress & a tool for self care?
Wondering why your room design has fallen flat, feels cold or just isn't coming together? It could be because you haven't got a good mix of materials to add warmth, balance and comfort, in order to create a sense of completeness.

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