Love Your Home

I’m here to help you with your home
Free from judgement and full of creativity, I assist people to set up a new home, improve an existing home, prepare to relocate, or downsize for retirement.

Tell me what you need, go at your pace
You decide what you want to tackle and achieve, and which services and support you require to get your best outcome. Every person and household is different, and my help is tailored to meet your particular needs and budget. I do this with care and respect for your history, family situation, physical and/or mental health challenges and personal style.

Clutter & Disorganisation
I work with people across the full spectrum of organisational needs; from mild situational disorganisation and clutter such as paperwork, photos, clothing, toys or the garage; through to those with Chronic Disorganisation & Hoarding Disorder affecting their entire household. I’m not afraid to roll my sleeves up and get dirty and you can’t shock me. I’ll never tell you what you should or shouldn’t keep, but guide you to meet your goals free from bias.

I help you identify & develop your style, curate your furniture and decor, make the most of what you have and fill in the missing pieces to make it all click. It’s about creating the space you want, not a perfect room for the cover of a magazine.

Are you like the people I’ve already worked with?
They’re people who describe their clutter as making them feel suffocated, embarrassed, trapped, exhausted and anxious. But also that their stuff helps them feel safe, prepared, resourceful and ready to help others. Or sometimes they just don’t like what they have, and their house doesn’t feel like a true reflection of who they are.

They want to keep the positive feelings but recognise the quantity of their stuff plus the lack of organisation and storage means that they can’t actually find and use their things; and that life at home is more difficult that it needs to be. And they’re ready for their personality to shine through, but need help to create the ideas they’ve had in their head. The good news is, there is a way to strike a balance and create the space you’ve always wanted.

What will it take to change?
The truth is that if you don’t take action now then the issues will get worse, and it will become even more difficult to turn it all around. I know that it is hard, I know that it can be emotional, and I know that you’re brave by even looking into working with a Professional Organiser and Stylist. I also know that there is a valid and effective way to get from where you are and where you want to be, and I can get you there.

To create the calm, easy, organised and enjoyable space you want and need, you’ll receive a tailored blend of the following support:

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Home optimisation support

  • Non-judgemental, unbiased, personalised, friendly support & encouragement

  • Work with you side-by-side or action tasks for you as needed

  • Lifting, packing, cleaning, arranging, displaying & physical assistance

  • Guidance & support to sell and acquire items as needed – new and second hand

  • Personal transport to shopping destinations if required as part of the process

  • Arrange and coordinate external trades and services as needed

  • Respectful care and consideration of mental & physical health challenges and learning disabilities if applicable & co-operation with your support network as required

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  • Helping you understand & improve your relationship with your home

  • Goal setting, monitoring, prioritising and planning of tasks

  • Dealing with the impact & expectations of others

  • Where to start, maintaining momentum, how to finish

  • Manage for Decision Fatigue and procrastination

  • Reducing personal & financial risk in the home

  • Increasing your skills and understanding

  • Sentimental items

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De-cluttering & Organisation

  • How to choose what to keep and what to let go

  • Organisational approaches and systems

  • Provision of basic de-clutter and organisation supplies and tools

  • Time management assistance

  • Address digital clutter including emails and photos

  • What to do with unwanted items/keep negative environmental impact to a minimum

  • Removal and delivery of unwanted items to donation destinations where possible

  • Tip run where possible (additional costs may be incurred)


Styling & Presentation

  • Curation of your homewares and furniture to make the most of what you have

  • Furniture placement and traffic flow

  • Colour scheme and style identification

  • Bookshelf/shelving/dresser/other styling & presentation

  • Picture hanging

  • Selection of new and second hand items as needed

  • Other miscellaneous tasks as needed

Customer Testimonials

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Square After 1.jpg
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Kylies Chair.jpg
I have anxiety & was apprehensive. Tania was understanding, gentle & supportive from start to finish.
— E.B. Bairnsdale
Seeing a plan all broken down into steps made it more achievable and much less overwhelming for me.
— K.A. Bairnsdale
Tania created a contemporary & beautiful place for families needing respite; she was so respectful, caring & supportive.
— J.S. Lakes Entrance
Well that was a revelation. The blinkers are off and we’ll end up with a home that better meets our needs. Thank you Tania.
— K.M. Newlands Arm

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