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Why the Konmari Netflix show 'Tidying Up' is setting people up to fail

Marie Kondo changed the game when it comes to de-cluttering and home organisation. When I heard that she had her own Netflix  show, I was both excited and curious to see her beyond the book, doing the work with real people in their homes. Not only did I not love the show and was left underwhelmed, I may have yelled at the TV a few times during the first two episodes. Discover why I think this series sets people up to fail.

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Behind the scenes with The Salvos in Bairnsdale

After discovering an absolute mess behind my local Salvos store, I decided to investigate how the public can responsibly donate items. Learn what the Salvos Bairnsdale wants you to know about what to donate, how to donate and what happens to donated items; and the role that responsible discarding of items plays in keeping tip fees down.

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Where to donate your de-cluttered items in East Gippsland

De-cluttering your home can benefit you and your family in so many ways!  But what to do with the quality items you don't want?  Discover charity and community groups in East Gippsland who would love to accept your donations.  The list include organisation names, locations, contact details and a detailed list of what you can donate, and will be kept up to date and added to.

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