Love Your Home

Love your home

Let’s clarify your vision for the best version of your home; then de-clutter, organise & style it together to make it happen.

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Sell your property

Owner occupied Home Staging to sell it fast. Strategically prepare your property for sale to make this most of your opportunity.

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Donation Directory

Where to donate your quality unwanted goods around Australia so they can help others & stay out of landfill.

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Free Resources

Where to start for free tips and info about optimising your home to live in and love, or to sell. Includes video, PDF downloads, eBook & articles.

Your Better Home Workshop + Workbook

Your ‘Where to Start’ Guide to home de-cluttering, organisation & interior styling

Better Home Workbook

The journey of a thousand steps starts... by sitting down, asking great questions, having a good think and creating a plan. After all we use strategy in business, why not in our homes?
If you feel like you're in a battle with your home because you have too much stuff, the wrong stuff, disorganised stuff and a long To-Do list which isn't going anywhere; and you feel your home isn't a true reflection of the person you are or the person you want to be, then join Professional Home Organiser & Interior Stylist Tania Goranitis for this 3 hour workshop to create your very own personal Blueprint to the better home you're dreaming of. Learn more including the BONUSES + Money Back Guarantee.

Workshop Details:
Saturday 9 March 2019 10:30am to 1:30pm
Bairnsdale RSL - The Rivers Room
Total Value: $301.05
Your Price: $147 + booking fees (SAVE $154.05)

2nd Date Added:
Friday 15 March 2019 10:30am to 1:30pm
Bairnsdale RSL - The Rivers Room
Total Value: $301.05
Your Price: $147 + booking fees (SAVE $154.05)

Tania Goranitis  Home Optimisation Consultant De-clutter, Organisation & Styling in East Gippsland

Tania Goranitis
Home Optimisation Consultant
De-clutter, Organisation & Styling in East Gippsland

Are you looking for help to make the most of your home through de-cluttering, organisation & styling? You’re in the right place.
Your home is a powerful yet often untapped resource & opportunity. I can teach you how to make the most of it; whether you want to live in and love it, or present it for sale.

Optimise your home to live in & love or sell

Love your home
Your home is an oasis for you and your family - or at least it can be. But in reality, it might be the cause of stress and overwhelm with too much stuff, disorganisation and disjointed style.
Let’s dream, plan & execute the best version of your home together. I’ll teach you how to curate your things, get organised and discover your style. We’ll work with your favorite things, let go of the excess & mindfully fill in the gaps as needed; all on your budget to make it click.
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Sell your property
Getting ready to present your property to market takes a lot more than a quick tidy up before photos and inspections. I’ll show you how to present your property the way your ideal buyer wants to see it, and get them excited. Plus we’ll make your pack-up and relocation far easier.
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Whether you’re starting out in your first home, are overwhelmed by too much stuff, have mobility or disability challenges, need to sell and relocate, are retiring & downsizing or any other challenges, when it comes to your home I am here to help.

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Let’s Chat
Contact me if you’d like a free, no obligation chat about what you need and how I can support you.

Join us for a unique bi-annual event for the women of East Gippsland to come together to swap, donate, mend, recycle, learn and laugh together as we save money, keep things out of landfill, divert quality items to community organisations and curate our clothing collections.  Click to learn more and register your interest for our next events.

Customer Testimonials

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I was getting quotes on better wardrobe storage design. After doing the declutter I have so much more room in my wardrobe that there is no need now!
— C.S. Swan Reach
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I loved all Tania’s styling recommendations to help me move towards my ideal space. I have found her to have a beautiful & deep sense of style.
— N.B. Bonbeach
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Tania ran a fabulous Interior Styling Workshop. I found out what my style of decorating is and learnt so much about colour design. You are a very talented person.
— S.M. Bairnsdale
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Now everything’s been rationalised & sorted with labels it has done wonders for our family. They’re playing with stuff they’ve not touched in ages.
— J.S. Bairnsdale