Bairnsdale Women Against Waste
Event Registration

1pm to 3pm 22 April 2018 @ The Hiit Factory for Earth Day

Important Information before you sign up

  1. Ensure you have read and understood the event information including what you can bring and what will happen on the day. If you're unsure of any information, please contact the committee before registering. 
  2. The cost of Entry is $5 per person to cover organisational costs. Any money remaining after costs are paid will be forwarded to a local charity or community group of our choosing. This money is to be paid in cash at the door on the day.
  3. Online bookings are essential and places are limited. No walk-ins on the day.
  4. If you have a suit, jacket or dress which needs to be hung, please bring it on a hanger you don't mind being without.
  5. We're looking for quality items both for the swap and for the donations.  Please limit your clothes swap items to no more than 1 large garbage bag of your best quality items only (please no rips, stains, tears or misshapen clothes or poor fabric or manufacturing quality).
  6. This is not a drop and run event; this is about community, communication, learning and sharing, and is for women who intend on engaging with this event beyond dropping off unwanted items. 
  7. Please utilise re-usable bags to bring and take away your swap items.
  8. For those that participated in the last event, please note that there will be no afternoon tea or raffle at this event.

Terms and Conditions

In all cases of items to swap and donate only bring items in good to excellent condition. Clothing must be free from rips, stains, odours, fraying and in good shape. Shoes must be lightly worn and clean. Jewellery and accessories damage free. Bras can have light to medium wear. All personal hygiene items must be new and unopened. Items for Animal Aid including blankets, towels, toys and equipment may have some wear. Consider if you would believe the item to be of suitable quality and condition if you were to find it at this event. Check the listing for each donation destination on the event information page if you're unsure if an item is suitable to bring or donate.

This event promotes mindful consumption. Therefore we ask participants to be selective when considering which items to take away from the swap. We aim to connect items with people who feel a ‘heck yes it’s fantastic’ response to an item, not just a ‘it’s ok and it’s free so I guess I will take it’ response. We will not limit the amount of swap items participants may leave with, as we would like to see as many items re-homed as possible; however a good rule of thumb is to take up to as many swap items as you arrived with. 
A fair go policy applies. Anyone found to be in conflict with other participants and in possession of more than a fair share of items may be asked to leave the event. 

All registered participants will be automatically added to the mailing list for Interior Philosophy & The Hiit Factory Bairnsdale. You can remove yourself from either or both lists at any time. This will ensure organisers can update and inform you of any relevant information.

By registering for this free event, you accept all the information, terms and conditions outlined on this page, including but not limited to:

  • Bring $5 cash for entry on the day
  • Only bringing items to Swap/Donate which meet all the relevant condition requirements outlined above
  • Agreement to operate under a Fair Go policy on the number of items to take away from the event
  • Understanding that organisers can request you to leave the event at their discretion 
  • Your details will be added to the organiser's mailing list (you can remove yourself at any time)

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