Playing the Curious Observer in your home

Playing the Curious Observer in your home

Recently in my VIP Facebook Group I set a 3 day challenge.
I asked people to play Conscious Curious Observer in their own lives,  and watch/hear themselves as they operated in their homes. To really step back and assess their internal dialogue and emotional responses as a third party would. To bring that voice forward from singing quietly in the background and give it a microphone for the first time.

The honest voice that says:
"I can't stand this can opener, it never works!"
"Ugh there isn't enough room in here, I need to get rid of things".
"The foam on this chair is coming off. I really need a new one".
"Oh where are the other scissors? I don't like these ones, they don't work properly".

Or in my case, it was the orange food storage containers which I HATED but used for 8 years anyway (which ended up becoming pivotal in helping me completely shift my mindset).

The story of the orange food storage containers which I didn't love but used for 8 years:
Once upon a time, about 11 years ago, hubby and I had a 'storage container' party. You know the ones, where if you friends buy enough, you get a generous hosting pack full of different storage solutions? Yes, that one. We had one of those. And we were thrilled to get the hosting pack, with lots of quality items to make operating in the kitchen a delight!

They were orange.
Not a colour I like, and as a person who is highly visual, I found the brash and bold orange.... disturbing. 

They had little round feet at the bottom.
Which I found made them unstable.

They tapered at the base.
I don't like it when they do that. I like my bases squared.

I didn't find the action of putting on or taking off the lid was pleasurable.
There were lots of other brands on the market whose lid system I far preferred.

Their capacity was... odd.
One particular size was too big for a single meal, but oddly too small for anything else.

The plastic was weird.
It was clear but not fully, and got cracks through it. I didn't like the feel.

Nevertheless, I used these things for 8 years before I amplified the voice inside my head that reminded me of these facts EVERY SINGLE TIME I USED THEM.

Now I am not saying that these items were bad and no one should use them. I am sure there are other people out there that LOVE them, and that's great! What I am saying is that they were not right for me; and it was time to recognise it, consider it and do something about it. 

I stopped operating in a fog and became conscious.
I knew that I felt all these things about this collection of storage, so why had I continued to use them for so long? I really thought about it.

As it turns out, my reasons were common; reasons you yourself would have used at some point
> It's a quality and sort after brand
> They're valuable
> They were free
> They're supposed to be best
But at the heart of it, I had not given myself permission to really hear myself and take action.

In giving volume to my truth, I was able to let my BS excuses... and my unloved storage containers go. Hundred's of dollar's worth went off to the op-shop. I was finally FREE!

Then I consciously made a decision about which containers I did want, and I invested in them. So much happier.

So let me ask you:
What are you putting up with in your home?
What does your little voice have to say to you?
Are you willing to listen and take action?

Listening to yourself and taking action is empowering, inspiring and can be transformational. Small changes for big results.

Why not spent the next 3 days observing yourself and really hearing the truth when it comes to your things?