How to make decisions when you can't decide

How to make decisions when you can't decide

How is decision making like going to the movies? When you rate your possessions in the same way you rate a flick, using the 5 Start Rating System. Stay with me...

De-cluttering is about making decisions.
Decision 1: stay or go
Decision 2: what to do with it

Knowing how to make decisions is half the battle.  When you're faced with a pile of stuff, how do you find the line between stay or go? It's about deciding consciously, with clarity and purpose. But is that easier said than done?

Sometimes looking for "what we love and get value from" just isn't enough; because it is easy to fall into the trap of declaring "I love it all! I use it all!" Then everything is kept and nothing changes. You're still left with too much.

You need to dig deeper. So here is my hot tip: Use the 5 Star Rating System
Suitable for children' and adults alike, the 5 Star Rating System helps you to practically determine which things you actually like by rating each item on a scale of 1 - 5. It gives you clarity beyond yes or no; like or don't like. It allows for a more nuanced assessment. 

Pick a categories to work in e.g. make-up/toys/mugs/pens then assess each item one at a time against this rating scale:
5 Stars: It's my favourite #1 pick of the lot (Quick Win Stay)
4 Stars: I really like it and wear/play/use/enjoy it all the time
3 Stars: It's pretty good and might use it sometimes if I find it
2 Stars: It's ok, but there are other things I like better
1 Star: I don't want this anymore (Quick Win Go)

As you rate each item, place them into the 5 rating piles. Keep going until each item has been individually rated and sorted. Once you have ranked each item and added it to the corresponding pile, it becomes far easier to decide which piles stay, and which go.

Still struggling to determine where to draw the line? This one extra step step can help...

Ask yourself:
"What type of life do I want to live? Deserve to live?
Do I want a 1, 2 or 3 star life?"

Remember your value.