Buying for a clutter-free Christmas

Buying For A Clutter-Free Christmas

Christmas. A time of love, family and togetherness; and for many, a time religious reflection. But for most, Christmas is also always a time of expectations and desire, excessive consumption, going into debt, buying plastic crap, huge piles of wrapping & packaging, and an underlying sense of stress. 

But the older we get, the more we realise this is not the path to happiness.
So how do we participate in Christmas without contributing to these problems?

Have you considered giving experience or consumable gifts? Choosing to give these instead of physical items is a great to way to avoid adding more to already over stuffed homes. Whether you want to reduce your environmental impact or seek to be a more conscious consumer; or just can't face the idea of more plastic toys and cheap gifts from mass retailers in your home, the below list will inspire to you to do it differently this year.

Stuff does not = love. Really, I promise. Love comes from togetherness, thoughtfulness, care and quality time - not from paying too much money for things people don't want or need, or things which will be quickly forgotten.

I encourage you to take the approach of quality over quantity this Christmas. Speak with your loved ones. Discuss the alternatives that you would like to receive, and find out what they would like too. Do a quality Kris Kringle or combine funds to buy your loved people one awesome gift, rather than lots of cheap and insignificant things they have to find homes for.

Check out this list of gift ideas which will be valued without adding stuff to a home:

For Kids
$ - $$ Annual membership to family friendly venues such as the zoo/aquarium
$ - $$ Experience gifts such as horse riding, fun park or theatre show
$$ Pay for classes such as dance, martial arts or art
$$ Check out online courses for kids such as JAM
$ - $$$ Movie vouchers or concert tickets

For Adults
$ Massage or facial
$ - $$ Food and alcohol hamper
$$ Netflix subscription for 12 months
$$ Audible (audio books) subscription for 12 months
$$ Pay for lessons such as cooking, cheese making, painting or beer making
$ - $$$ Movie vouchers or concert tickets
$$$ Experience gifts such as a hot lap, hot air ballooning or bungee jumping
$$$ Annual membership to the theatre