Wardrobe De-Clutter Transformation

Did you know you're only wearing 20% of your wardrobe 80% of the time?  But I bet you probably feel like you have nothing to wear.

I specialise in teaching women how to sort through, de-clutter, organise and store their clothes & accessories so you can:
 stop wasting money on clothes you won’t wear
Identify your true style
free up storage
organise your space
responsibly dispose of unwanted items

Using a proven de-cluttering technique which focuses on decision making based in emotional honesty rather than obligation, I release my clients from the unnecessary and shows you how to find freedom in less.

This personal 1:1 in-home coaching service is essential for the woman who wants to shift her mind-set towards valuing her worth, investing in herself and looking great every day.

Up to 5 hours 1:1 in-home Service $175

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What clients are saying...

My 1 on 1 session with Tania was very useful & eye opening. I felt I knew a lot about de-cluttering, but didn’t have much success physically. With Tania gently guiding me I released over 60% of my wardrobe, and it was a huge weight off my shoulders. I’m now looking forward to moving through other areas of my home. Thank you so much Tania.
— J.S. Ellaswood
Thank you for your support in starting my decluttering journey. You were very understanding of my specific challenges, and did not once make me feel like a question was too silly or too small. I now have a streamlined wardrobe, which makes it easier to find cloths I love.
— E.G. Paynesville
With Tania’s help I’ve been able to work through and start to understand the joy of not just being minimalistic but taking the time to really enjoy wearing/using the things l love. I’m no longer wasting time shopping for entertainment but for specific pieces, & teaching my children to do the same. I’m looking forward to a few more sweeps through my wardrobe to get the right results for me. It’s really quiet addictive & liberating! So glad l met Tania & hoping to learn more.
— C.Z. Eastwood

Terms and Conditions:

  • The package cost of $175 covers up to 5 hours of in-home services.
  • Services are to be delivered beginning to end in one session.
  • Travel costs for people located more than 30 minutes outside of the Bairnsdale VIC CBD will apply. 
  • Services are offered in the area of Bairnsdale and surrounds; up to 1 hour from Bairnsdale CBD.
  • The Wardrobe De-Clutter transformation offer covers de-cluttering and organisation services of clothing and accessories only and does not extend to any other consultation services.
  • 14 days days payment terms after the session.  EFT and Paypal Payments accepted.