Wardrobe De-Clutter Transformation

Many women in Bairnsdale and surrounds are enjoying all the benefits of de-cluttering their wardrobe with Interior Philosophy.

And just like them you too can gain back your space, save time
& save money with a Wardrobe De-Clutter Transformation.

Do you have too much stuff and can't find what you love?
Do you keep finding excuses to keep things you don't need?
Have you been unsuccessful in de-cluttering on your own?
Then this service has been designed just for you.

Learn to identify your style, get your space back, and free yourself from thinking and behaviour which wastes your time and money.

This personal 1:1 in-home service gives you:
Non-judgemental support and guidance
The right tools and guidance to make great decisions
A de-cluttered & organised wardrobe in a matter of hours

$175 package

*Terms and conditions apply

Just some of the results local women have achieved with an
Interior Philosophy Wardrobe Transformation

I'm want more space, to save money and enjoy getting ready in the morning! Please contact me to answer my questions and book my appointment.

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Terms and Conditions:

  • The package cost of $175 covers up to 5 hours of in-home services.
  • Services are to be delivered beginning to end in one session.
  • Travel costs for people located more than 30 minutes outside of the Bairnsdale VIC CBD will apply. 
  • Services are offered in the area of Bairnsdale and surrounds; up to 1 hour from Bairnsdale CBD.
  • The Wardrobe De-Clutter transformation offer covers the de-cluttering services of clothing and accessories only and does not extend to any other consultation services.
  • 14 days payment after session.  Payment plans available on request. EFT and Paypal Payments accepted.

N.B. All free introductory offer sessions have now been allocated.