Wardrobe De-Clutter Transformation

Women from Bruthen to Newlands Arm are enjoying the benefits
of transforming their wardrobes with Interior Philosophy

Did you know
you're only wearing 20% of your wardrobe 80% of the time!

But you probably still feel like you have nothing to wear?

Please don't waste any more time or money shopping.
It only adds to the problem.

Instead, learn how to view your wardrobe with fresh eyes, assess your true feelings, identify what serves you and release the rest.
It is a truly wonderful experience!

You can get your storage back & transform your clutter into cash,
or donate it to support a local charity. 

And discover you can love life with less.

This personal 1:1 in-home coaching service gives you:
The practical process to find the gems in your wardrobe
The ability to release what gets in the way
Guidance on the responsible disposal of unwanted items
A professionally de-cluttered & organised wardrobe in a matter of hours
all delivered with non-judgemental support and guidance

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What clients are saying...

My 1 on 1 session with Tania was very useful & eye opening. I felt I knew a lot about de-cluttering, but didn’t have much success physically. With Tania gently guiding me I released over 60% of my wardrobe, and it was a huge weight off my shoulders. I’m now looking forward to moving through other areas of my home. Thank you so much Tania.
— J.S. Ellaswood
Thank you for your support in starting my decluttering journey. You were very understanding of my specific challenges, and did not once make me feel like a question was too silly or too small. I now have a streamlined wardrobe, which makes it easier to find cloths I love.
— E.G. Paynesville
With Tania’s help I’ve been able to work through and start to understand the joy of not just being minimalistic but taking the time to really enjoy wearing/using the things l love. I’m no longer wasting time shopping for entertainment but for specific pieces, & teaching my children to do the same. I’m looking forward to a few more sweeps through my wardrobe to get the right results for me. It’s really quiet addictive & liberating! So glad l met Tania & hoping to learn more.
— C.Z. Eastwood

Terms and Conditions:

  • The package cost of $175 covers up to 5 hours of in-home services.
  • Services are to be delivered beginning to end in one session.
  • Travel costs for people located more than 30 minutes outside of the Bairnsdale VIC CBD will apply. 
  • Services are offered in the area of Bairnsdale and surrounds; up to 1 hour from Bairnsdale CBD.
  • The Wardrobe De-Clutter transformation offer covers de-cluttering and organisation services of clothing and accessories only and does not extend to any other consultation services.
  • 14 days days payment terms after the session.  EFT and Paypal Payments accepted.