Hands up anyone who has experienced buyer’s regret?!

Haven’t we all gone into a shop for just 1 thing, only to come out with 10 that we don’t need which cost way more at the register than we expected? Whoops! 

It’s because in the moment, shopping feels so good. We get a hit of happy hormones and tell ourselves stories of how we deserve it and how life will be better.  Then we get home and realise we spent money we didn’t have on things we don’t need; and it all ends up as useless clutter in drawers, cupboards and bench tops.  Stress! 

Disrupt this cycle of unconscious consumerism with my quick and easy printable cheatsheet, featuring 6 powerful questions to ask yourself before you commit to a purchase.  It will help you navigate the lure of impulse shopping before you hand over your cash; and make confident purchase decisions you feel great about!

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You can shop smart, save money and avoid buyer’s regret!

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