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Get the answers and support you need with online coaching via Skype.

Friendly, approachable and realistic guidance for you, from the comfort of your own home.
Covering Home De-cluttering, Organisation & Styling.

Bringing you the latest thinking and techniques, I can coach you from overwhelm to creating the best version of your home, as you need it to be.

Answering your questions.
Providing you step by step, do-able actions.
Avoiding the common mistakes.
All given judgement free.

Client is in charge at Interior Philosophy

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Declutter Organisation and Styling Issues
Benefits of working with Interior Philosophy

If this is you, you're in the right place.

Would you say you have too much stuff or are disorganised?
Or perhaps it's a bit more serious than that?

When too much stuff has taken over your life and your home, you can be left feeling weight down, frustrated and overwhelmed.
Stuff is piled up on surfaces, on the floor, shoved in beside furniture, under beds, and is groaning inside stuffed cupboards. 

It steals your peace and stops you from living the lifestyle you desire.
Maybe it means not having visitors, no time to spend with family and friends, or perhaps it means you're unable to pursue hobbies.
Maybe you just feel like you can never get on top of it all and you're stuck on a never ending hamster wheel.

You need a fresh start. You're ready to take action. But you don't know where to begin or how to go about it.
You're scared of making the wrong decisions, throwing away something you might need.
You don't know how to decide what stays and what goes. You don't know the strategies or processes to use.
 Emotions run high, and decision making can be exhausting.

Now is the time to take action,
before the issues progress further.

You need help. Someone who understands and can guide you without judgement.
A coach to take you step by step from overwhelm to success. To hear you, guide you and answer your questions.
To lay out your plan; one do-able step at a time.
To keep you focused on your end goal when it becomes challenging.

As your Mindful Home Coach I offer you a unique combination of skills, training and experience.
As a Professional Organiser and Stylist, I am ready to work with your right now to turn the tide and get you moving out of overwhelm and towards your best home environment. 

You're in the driver's seat. I'm your navigator.
You set the agenda for each session and determine what outcome you want to achieve. In each session we will review and assess where you're at, explore to understand what affects you and why,  determine your next best step and plot out how you're going to get there; breaking it down into steps and utilising the most up to date de-clutter and organisation wisdom.

You can talk privately and without a filter.
By providing you with an safe place to speak and share your thoughts and feelings in a confidential and non-judgemental way, together we work on all these areas so you can create your ideal, happy, healthy home environment to take you one step closer to living your best life and achieving your life goals.

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Do you struggle to:

  • Know where to start
  • be assured of your decisions
  • know how to break your best outcomes down into steps
  • find motivation
  • keep yourself accountable
  • make great decisions based on your goals and values
  • know where to work and when to rest
  • find time to do more than just surface tidying

Have you made these common de-clutter mistakes?

  1. Buying storage solutions first
  2. Organising before de-cluttering
  3. Keeping things 'Just in case'
  4. De-cluttering for other people without consent and causing friction
  5.  Assessing things intheir place of storage
  6. Keeping things out of obligation
  7. Letting others question your de-clutter decision
  8. Making your clutter someone else's problem

If you find yourself nodding then online coaching is for you.
It doesn't matter where you live, you can access the support you need now.

Gain support across a range of needs

Spiritual Needs
Helping you to connect your home environment’s health to your need for positivity and support in your life; as well as personal achievements in health, happiness, career & interpersonal relationships.

Emotional Needs
Understanding how your life experiences and resulting emotions have created your clutter, disorder and disharmony, and teaching you how to releasing those feelings to make way for growth & success.

Mental Needs
Removing unhelpful thinking and install empowering thoughts in their place.  How to consider and work with the needs of others in the household.

Organisational Needs
How to set your home up for efficiency and ease of use on a day to day basis.


Practical Needs
Teaching you how to make great decisions for yourself around what stays and serves you, or what to release.  Also informing you on how to leverage unwanted items to get closer to your long term goals and how to dispose of waste responsibly. 

Design Needs
How to find the right look and feel for your home, and select the pieces to bring the dream to reality.

Read what clients have to say about working with Tania

“Well that was a revelation. The blinkers are off, a heap of stuff will go (emotional baggage and furniture) and we’ll end up with a home (and office) that better meets our needs. One of the major lessons I learnt was that our house is pretty much all mine - form over function and no footy memorabilia allowed! So I’ve loosened the reins. today we went shopping for a recliner - something my partner’s always wanted. He found a recliner he loved and we’re both delighted with his choice.
— K.M. Newlands Arm
Thank you Tania, for mowing a path through my chaos, to discover my vision, and beginning the cleansing process that will allow me to achieve it. Already a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Having you walking beside me through this means so much.
— W.D. Bairnsdale
Tania and I talked about all the blocks in life that stop me from removing what is not sparking joy or not making me feel my best. Tania’s gentle and methodical approach enabled me to take stock and remove what does not serve me.
— K.T. Paynesville
The change in my mindset and attitude towards what actually enriches my life has been incredible.
— J.W. Ellaswood

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