De-cluttering with Kids eBook

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De-cluttering with Kids eBook


In 2016 our family of 4 removed over 10 trailer loads and more than 20 large garbage bags of clutter from our home, freeing us from wasted time and money and leaving us with more for the things that matter.

During this process, I worked with our children to empower them to make great de-clutter decisions for themselves, instead of doing it for them.

So that you can experience the same results for your family, I have poured all my skills, knowledge and experience into the 'De-Cluttering with Kids' 30 page eBook, based upon my own families mistakes and successes with significant de-cluttering. 

This eBook outlines in detail the 6 exact steps we took:
In step 1: 
You get my guide to stop clutter in its tracks
In step 2: You learn how your actions affect your child's clutter
In step 3: I cover how to talk with your child and focus on the benefits
In step 4: I outline exactly how to teach your child to de-clutter
In step 5: I teach you how to responsibly dispose of unwanted items
In step 6: I provide you with management strategies to make it last

Plus you also get:
> the importance of de-cluttering with your child, not for them
> benefits of de-cluttering for parent and child
> negative effects of clutter and how to minimise it
> how to reduce your families environmental impact
> a guide to your child's de-clutter ability according to their age & stage
> 5 kid-friendly de-clutter techniques
> 13 question prompts to get them thinking
> 4 ongoing maintenance techniques 

It looks specifically at the management of school work, artwork, clothes, accessories and sentimental items.

Read it in under 30 minutes and plan to take action quickly OR spread your action out over time according to your busy schedule. Just don't wait to make a start and create amazing changes your future selves will thank you for. Not only will you create clear & calm at home for the benefit of your whole family, you will be giving your child the gift of these often over-looked life skills.


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