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East Gippsland

Ready to Love your Home or Sell your Property?
Here you’ll find the range of service packages, discounts and bonuses available to you.

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Love Your Home to de-clutter, organise & style for you
Sell Your Property to de-clutter, organise and style to sell & relocate

Do you want to dip your toe in the water with the Sampler Super Saver? Get a couple of sessions help to improve 1 or 2 areas of the home with the Fine-Tune Package? Get stuck into some larger areas or multiple rooms with the Clear-Out Package? Or go all in for deep de-clutter and organisation across the home and garage with the Total Blitz Package? Learn more and compare the services below.

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Covers the full range of in-home VIP Services including: Planning, Coaching, De-cluttering, Organisation, Styling, Home Staging & Move Management Services

‘Taster’ Super-Saver

Not sure if working with a Professional Organiser is for you, but want to give it a try with no obligation? This special deal is for you. The introductory discounted rate of 35% off full price is available for 1 session only, and is your opportunity to have a taster and see if this service will give you what you need.

'Taster' Super Saver
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Fine-Tune Package

Need some guidance to learn the basics, start the ball rolling, or tackle 1 or 2 areas of the home? The Fine-Tune Package is designed for you. Great for smaller homes, a specific large problem area and/or highly motivated self-driven people who just need to learn the ropes and get started with 1:1 guidance from a professional.

Fine-Tune Package
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Clear-Out Package

Want to do a little work in every room, or have a couple of big tasks to tackle? This package will see you get significant results across 4 to 5 sessions with me. This package is for you if you’re ready to go deeper for better results so that you know you’ll get the job done.
A payment plan is available for this package upon request.

Clear-Out Package
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Total-Blitz Package

Is it time to get serious and do a whole house blitz? Are you about to relocate interstate or need to downsize from a family home to a retirement village? Maybe you just have a very full home with a life-times’s worth of stuff that’s making you feel heavy & you’re ready to let go for an easier life.
A payment plan is available for this package upon request.

Total Blitz Package
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Outside East Gippsland

Weekend Super Session
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Weekend Super Session Package

If you’d like to work with me but are located more than 1 hour outside of Bairnsdale but within Victoria, a Weekend Super Session package is available to you. Over the course of 2 days we will work intensely for up to 12 hours in total to tackle your biggest problem areas in the home. Please contact me to discuss and plan prior to purchasing this package.

This package includes:

  • 2 X 1 hour coaching and planning calls prior to the Weekend Super Session

  • Your Blissful Home Workbook to prepare you for effective sessions

  • 12 hours in-home service over 2 days

  • Delivery of donations to local charity and community groups in your area where possible (subject to the capacity of my car)

  • Miscellaneous equipment: Labels, zip lock bags, rubbish bags & more

  • My travel, accomodation and meal costs

Service & Package Terms and Conditions

  • Please ensure you read the Privacy Policy & Website Terms of Use Policy linked at the bottom of this page.

  • Minimum session times 2 hour duration.

  • Single sessions under 4 hours (no nominated package) will be billed at a flat rate of $75 per hour.

  • Additional services (such the removal of unwanted items) beyond the package allotment or for single session clients will be billed as extras.

  • Packages are to be paid within 14 days of booking.

  • We appreciate 48 hours notice for change of appointment time or penalties may apply.

  • If you are on the NDIS and would like to use your funds for this service, please contact me to discuss.

  • Payment plans are available for the Clear-Out and Total Blitz Packages.

  • Package hours relate to 1 household only and are not transferable.

  • Basic tool kit supplies included in the package include use of label maker and labels, zip lock bags, rubbish bags, cleaning materials, blu-tac, measuring tape, scissors and similar.

  • Organising and styling items beyond the basic tool kit supplies such as storage containers, hooks, décor and furniture are not included in the package. Any purchases made at the request of the client are the financial responsibility of the client. Any purchases made by Interior Philosophy at the request of the client and for the client will be billed back to the client with 14 days to make payment.

  • Removal of unwanted items to local community and charity groups will be limited to the capacity of my car for any 1 session.

  • Off-site activities on behalf of and as requested by the client will be deducted from the packages hours and recorded/reported to the client. Includes but is not limited to: sourcing inspiration images and creation of mood board, sourcing purchases online and locally, listing and selling items beyond package inclusion, travel & activities related to sales/purchases, liaising with support & community services and businesses.

  • Clients located in Bairnsdale, Eastwood, Wy Yung, East Bairnsdale, West Bairnsdale, Paynesville and Newlands Arm will not be charged travel fees for session appointments.

  • Clients located outside the above areas up to 1 hour from of the Bairnsdale CBD will be charge an additional travel cost per session of between $25 to $50 depending on location. This will be advised upon first consultation.

  • Travel costs and accommodation costs for clients beyond 1 hour of the Bairnsdale CBD will be discussed and agreed upon before service confirmation.

  • Clients who complete their package hours but wish to continue working with Interior Philosophy can re-purchase the same package, select a different package or move to a per hour/per service billing structure and will retain the hourly rate discount associated with their original package; so long as no more than 3 months has lapsed between sessions.

Sampler Super-saver
The special introductory discounted rate of 35% off is available for 1 session only as an opportunity to see if this service is right for you. If you would like to continue working with me, you will need to nominate a package or pay at the standard rate of $75 per hour + additional services fees.

Free Bonus #1
Tip delivery using our trailer will be offered to Clear-Out and Total Blitz Package Customers only.
Clear-Out customers will receive the travel and delivery service at no added charge, but will be billed for any associated tip/council fees.
Total Blitz Package customers will receive the travel and delivery service at no added charge, as well as tip/council fees up to $100 value.

Free Bonus #2
Fine-Tune, Clear-Out and Total Blitz Package customers will receive credit towards any Interior Philosophy run workshops in 2019. This credit is transferable to another party if the client cannot attend or would like to gift attendance to a family member or friend.

  • FineTune Package $50 credit

  • Clear-Out Package 1 free workshop

  • Total Blitz Package 2 free workshops