Home Staging Property Report

Hands on Help $50 p/h

Need more help? 
After your Property Report, book in 1:1 on-site services for support in the areas you need, including:

  • Relocation Project Management & Trade Co-ordination
  • De-clutter coaching
  • De-personalisation assistance
  • Hands-on furniture arrangement & styling 
  • Pre-packing assistance

Hourly rates applies; discount packages start for 5+ hours of in-home service

Can't be there yourself? Do you or a family member in East Gippsland need to downsize and move but can't be there to prepare, pack and organise trades? I'll take care of it for you.

Travel Expenses

Travel expenses apply to all site visits where  I am required to travel more than 30 minutes outside of the Bairnsdale CBD. 1st 30 minutes of travel each way are free, then billed at $1.50 per km, each way.

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See below for client reviews, a FREE Home Seller Cheat Sheet and the stats on why Home Staging is so important.

Home Staging Property Report
2017 price $150

Price increase to $325 effective 1 Jan 2018

Available in East Gippsland
Specialising in owner-occupied properties, the Front to Back Property Report will tell you exactly how to prepare and present your home for sale, with the added bonus of streamlining your pack-up and relocation.  I will tell you exactly what turn-offs your potential buyer sees, and what to do about it. 

From this report, you will:

  • Remove buyer objections
  • Help your property stand out from the rest
  • Make the most of your existing furniture and decor 
  • Discover where to invest your time & money where it will make the biggest impact

Report Inclusions:

  • Comparison to similar local properties
  • Learn where to declutter
  • Learn where to de-personalise
  • Clear list of maintenance requirements
  • Suggested property upgrades to increase property value
  • Furniture placement for traffic flow and presentation
  • Decor styling guidance for the wow factor

Up to 3 hour onsite consultation
Written report within 48 hours of site visit

Home Staging Service
Home Staging Jam Jerrup
Our feelings are Tania has exceptional insight and understanding as to what was needed and was able to interpret our needs and could not have been more helpful. Tania did an outstanding job of getting the house ready for a real estate photo shoot the results exceeded our expectation.
— T & D.R. Paynesville
I was so proud of my renovation, what I had achieved, and was finally ready to sell. Tania saw the potential and staged my home like a magazine dream house. She has a gift, no question!
— H.H. Bairnsdale
You were an absolute joy to work with, and your patience and kindness made the process a relaxed and enjoyable one. The end result exceeded mu expectations.
— R.C. & K.B. Jam Jerrup

FREE Home Seller's Cheat Sheet

FREE Home Seller's
Cheat Sheet

Will you create an irresistible potential buyer experience from online listing through to inspection?
Download this FREE 3 page home staging guide the "Home Seller's Cheat Sheet" to learn about the basics of Home Staging. Discover where you can and cannot effect change to optimise your home for sale, and what to focus on.  Plus get a FREE BONUS short & useful email series packed with home staging info, tips and tricks. 

Why stage your home for sale? 

Did you know, around 95% of the buying public can't visualise the potential of a room. They're unable to use their imagination to add in and re-arrange furniture. They need to see it happening before them. The trick is to show off the room's features and paint a desirable picture; help the buyer see themselves living their best life in your property.

The Stats
Recent Australian based statistics provided by the International Institute of Home Staging indicate that a staged property when compared with an equivalent non-staged property will sell 30% to 50% faster, and will sell for 7% to 17% more. Research also indicates that 83% of buyers prefer to buy a home where no further work is required.

That means that is worth investing time and money into making your home shine by taking care of maintenance tasks, removing clutter and personal items and properly considering the use of colour, furniture and decor to ensure your property becomes the MUST HAVE home in your area.

Ready to list  your property for sale?
Or perhaps it has been sitting on the market too long?
In today's competitive housing market, stand out online and help other's visualise the potential of your property with Home Staging Services.

By address any objections a potential buyer may have before they inspect, together with de-cluttering  and de-personalising , and by using sound design and staging principles, you're giving yourself the best opportunity for a speedy and profitable sale. And as an added bonus, your home will be prepared for an easier pack and relocation when the time comes.