Discover your unconscious clutter drivers

Which of these drive your clutter?  Most people can identify with lots of these, and they can be hard to overcome when you don't know they're at play.

Just in case you might use it ‘one day’: The most common reason for clutter!  We worry that the moment we get rid of something, we will need it again!  

Financial Investment: You paid a tonne for it, or better still you got a real bargain!  So even though you're not using it, you just can't imagine parting with it!

It was a gift:  Oh dear, nothing worse than feeling forced to keep something that just isn't you!

Avoiding difficult emotions:  Items with negative emotions attached can be really challenging to deal with, so they get hidden away and ignored. 

A family history of 'keeping':  Your parents never threw a thing away, and wouldn't let you either.  

You have become a storage facility: Maybe your kids have left home, but you still have lots of their stuff!  Or perhaps you have a sibling who travels?

You're the family history keeper: You have all the photos, albums, certificates, videos, books from around the family, piled up and disorganised in boxes.

You have family heirlooms and sentimental items:  Someone else in the family imbued items with certain sentimental meaning, but do you feel the same?

It represents your past: You used to be all about a craft, a band, a game or other hobby.  But you haven't engaged with it, used it or played it for years.

Fear: What if you need it?  What if you can't replace it? What if, what if, what if?  Zombie apocalypse?

Shopping as entertainment: Work hard and feel you earned a treat?  Bored, sad or otherwise want to have some fun?  Shopping can be a real trap.

Keeping up with the Jones: We are told every day that you won't be happy or accepted until you have all the things. 

Driven to shop: You're always secretly looking for justifiable reasons to buy stuff, instead of looking for alternative ways to meet your needs.

The great news is you don't have to be unconsciously locked in to keeping things that you don't love or need, and there are a stack of benefits to learning how to let things go.  Click the link below to discover 46 AWESOME benefits to de-cluttering your home.