De-cluttering with Kids Resource Bundle for Parents

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De-Cluttering With Kids eBook
De-Cluttering with Kids eBook
De-Cluttering with Kids eBook
De-cluttering with Kids eBook
Decluttering with Kids eBook.jpg
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De-Cluttering With Kids eBook
De-Cluttering with Kids eBook
De-Cluttering with Kids eBook
De-cluttering with Kids eBook

De-cluttering with Kids Resource Bundle for Parents


Included in the Bundle:

+ De-cluttering with Kids e-Book
+ Entry to exclusive "Teaching Kids to De-clutter - Parent's Support Group" Facebook
+ Video training content always available via the Facebook
+ Inside access to Professional Organiser, Stylist, Author & Parent Tania Goranitis for personal guidance and support via the Facebook

Dear fellow parent - Have you had enough of kid's clutter?
Before you take to your child’s room with a garbage bag, try to become a 'de-clutter Ninja' sneaking stuff out while they're not looking, or even brace yourself for arguments and challenges from your child about what stays or what goes, I have whole other way to offer you.

From cluttered mess to calm success
Your kid’s clutter is actually an amazing opportunity to teach them vital life skills, empower them to take ownership of their possessions and reduce your work load; and the “De-cluttering with Kids” Parent's Resource Bundle will show you how.

It doesn't have to be hard or stressful
Following a simple yet effective 6 step process, you will learn how to talk to your kids about clutter, how to teach them to make their own decisions, how to support them through the de-cluttering process, how to responsibly dispose of unwanted items and how to maintain the newly cleared space.

Topics include: A Better Life With Less, Where Does It All Come From, Parent's Lead the Way, Talking to Kids About Clutter, Environmental Impact, Age & Stage, De-clutter Techniques, Out it Goes and Maintaining The Calm. It provides multiple child-friendly techniques and specific questions to ask kids to get them thinking and making great decisions for themselves.

Creating capable kids who are conscious consumers and who know how to manage their own possessions also means saving parents stress, time and money AND reduces impact on the earth for when children are grown.

What has your clutter been costing you?
The average Australian household has over $6,600 tied up in unwanted clutter in the home. How much money do you currently have tied up in unused kid's items? And how much more will you spend before you change the way your family makes purchases decisions? For an investment of just $35 you could save your family hundreds or even thousands of dollars by recouping lost money, making smarter purchase decisions, and saving time spent cleaning, managing and looking for things in the home.

This eBook outlines in detail the 6 clear steps to follow:
In step 1:
How to stop clutter in its tracks
In step 2: How your actions affect your child's clutter
In step 3: How to talk with your child and focus on the benefits
In step 4: How to teach your child to de-clutter
In step 5: How to responsibly dispose of unwanted items
In step 6: How to manage the newly cleared space to make it last

What you will learn:
> the importance of de-cluttering with your child, not for them
> the benefits of de-cluttering for parent and child
> the negative effects of clutter and how to minimise it
> how to reduce your families environmental impact
> your child's likely de-clutter ability according to their age & stage
> 5 kid-friendly de-clutter techniques
> 13 question prompts to get them thinking
> 4 ongoing maintenance techniques
> How to manage school work, artwork, clothes, accessories and sentimental items.

The results you will get:
> Empowered children who know how to de-clutter for themselves
> More space and money and the sense of freedom which comes with it
> Less clutter & time spent maintaining unwanted things
> Less need to nag
> A more ideal home environment
> Specific skills & practical knowledge transferable to other areas of your home and life
> A home better prepared for unexpected guests

Don't wait to make a start and create these changes at home. See what other parents think:

From the overwhelmed parent who closes the door and walks away in despair:
“Every parent needs this book! You have explained it step by step and made a relatively confronting home task seem so do-able".
H.J. Parent of 2

From the parent with the anxious child:
"My 6 year old daughter would have major anxiety with even just the thought of getting rid of anything in her room, and too be honest I didn’t think she would get there. But we had a major break through. OMG! I wouldn’t of ever believed this was possible. Tania you are my hero!"
S.P. Parent of 3

For the unmotivated:
"Thanks for your helpful videos Tania. It motivated the kids & I to tackle their room this morning. We removed 1.5 garbage bags of rubbish & 1 garbage bag for charity. Super proud of them both".
J.S. Parent to 3

Your No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee
If you don’t get real results by applying the processes and using the practical skills I outline in this guide, I will give you your money back. Yes I am giving you a 14 day money back guarantee, because I am confident that this resource has something to offer every parent; from those expecting their first child who wants to set their intentions and processes up for success in the beginning, through to parents of teens – and all the in-betweens. But if you can’t find even one valuable thought, strategy, question, technique or maintenance method inside, just email me within 14 days of your purchase for a full refund.

Parents now is the time to give your child the gift of these life skills. I look forward to seeing you in the exclusive group and working with you to teach and support your child.

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