Bairnsdale Women Against Waste Event Registration

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Bairnsdale Women Against Waste Event Registration


A women's clothes swap + so much more

1pm to 3pm Sunday 21 October 2018 @ The Hiit Factory for Earth Day
2/2 McLeod St, Bairnsdale VIC

Say goodbye to clothing clutter and hello to a new you as you swap, mend and donate your way towards a curated wardrobe of clothes you love.

It's time once again ladies to come together to swap, donate, mend, recycle, learn and laugh together as we save money, keep things out of landfill, divert quality items to community organisations and curate our clothing collections.  The Women Against Waste event is a clothes swap like unlike any other you've been to, where swapping is just the beginning. 

Discover what this event has in store for you:

Swap: Bring your unwanted clothes to share with the women in your community, and pick up some items for yourself too. It's a great way to save money, save the environment and help each other out. You'll be able to ask our in-house stylist about clothing selections for yourself on the day.

Mend: Have an item of clothing in your wardrobe you're not wearing simply because it needs to be mended or have a hem taken up; but you don't know how or have your own machine? Bring it along and get the help you need for basic repairs including busted seams and taking up hems. Does not include complex tailoring.

Recycle: Grab your used household batteries and old mobile phones + accessories and drop them off to be recycled. Let's keep it out of landfill and reclaim the precious materials they're hiding inside. 

Donate: Discover what other unwanted household items you can bring on the day to donate to local community groups. Make sure you check all specific details on what you can bring on the day. Hint: it's not everything, so please check carefully!

Learn: Ever wondered what you can and can't recycle? Or wanted to know more about soft plastic recycling? Talk with event organiser to learn more.

Shop: Choose from a select range of items from Foundry and Boomerang Bags which are designed to help you live an environmentally sustainable and waste free life. 

The IMPORTANT stuff you need to read:

  • Ensure you have read and understood the event information including what you can bring and what will happen on the day. If you're unsure of any information, please contact the committee before registering.

  • The cost of Entry is $10 per person to cover organisational costs. Any money remaining after costs are paid will be forwarded to a local charity of our choosing.

  • Online bookings with payment are essential, and places are limited. No walk-ins on the day.

  • If you have a suit, jacket, coat or dress which needs to be hung, please bring it on a hanger you don't mind being without afterwards.

  • Please no rips, stains, tears or misshapen clothes, or poor fabric or manufacturing quality. Please no items from large low-end chain stores known for mass-producing junk clothing. We are looking for quality and clean items expected to last the test of time.

This is not a drop and run event; this is about community, communication, learning and sharing. If you have some items to donate but don't wish to stay and participate in the event, or if you're a male who would like to make a donation or forward items for recycling, please contact your charity/community group or recycling organisation of choice to arrange a direct donation.

IMPORTANT: If you're registering on behalf of other attendees, please do a separate transaction for each person. This helps us to properly understand who is coming and manage entries easily on the day.