Empty Nesters: Ready to Travel : Going into Care : Reducing Environmental Impact

Free yourself to live the life you're ready to live now. 

Is it time to make a change?  Are you possessions standing in the way?  
Items that you worked hard for, collected and used over the years can suddenly become redundant and a barrier to happiness and peace.  

Whether  your children have moved out, have a parent who needs to transition into a retirement village or care situation, you're inspired to chuck it all in and travel, or want to reduce your environmental impact and are heading towards a minimalistic or  tiny house lifestyle; all of these changes require the ability to curate your possessions properly and completely, in alignment and support of your new direction. 

Don't guess. I teach you the philosophies so you can make decisions you feel good about.  You will gain a greater understanding of how and why you feel the way you do about your things.  You will make good decisions using sound and proven techniques. You will avoid common pitfalls people make when reducing their possessions.   And once you have boiled your possessions down to your favourite essentials,  you will be free to take the next step in your life with confidence and joy.

I will guide you through the reduction phase, and show you that less does not have to equal sparse or unattractive.  Instead, we will uncover your joy sparking favourite essentials, and set you up on your new life path!  Plus we will ensure that your good quality, unwanted items don't end up in landfill.  Instead, they will get another opportunity to be used and appreciated when they are donated to various deserving local community groups in East Gippsland.

Thank you Tania, for mowing a path through my chaos, to discover my vision, and beginning the cleansing process that will allow me to achieve it. Already, a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders, and I know that I have taken a great leap towards getting to my long term goal. Having you walking beside me through this, means so much.
— W.D. Bairnsdale