My story

Living my passion creating beautiful and happy homes.

Living my passion creating beautiful and happy homes.

It's about a young girl who used to re-arranged furniture just for fun.
A teen who found her passion in the creative arts. 
A business trainer with
passion and drive to empower people.
A Mum who feels connected to her local community. 

And it is about a woman who teaches people to take control of their home environment.

From my early childhood, through my teens and well into my 20’s, I moved house a lot. More than 30+ times; but I have actually lost count!  These moves incorporated 2 interstate relocations and attending 5 different schools; and later a permanent shift to Paynesville from Melbourne.   That makes for a lot of packing and un-packing of boxes and arranging of furniture and decor.

It taught me a lot about myself.  I had to get really good at deciding what to take to our new house, and what to let go.  Interstate moves are expensive, which meant that even as a child I had to be clear about which of my possessions were important to take with us, and which were not.  My wonderful Mum suggested that I donate the toys I was leaving behind to the local children’s hospital, so that the children there could benefit from my efforts.  The day I received my first letter in the mail - a thank you letter addressed to me from the hospital - I felt so grown up.  And suddenly I had an understanding of the beauty of giving and charity.  I was 8.  

It also showed me the absolute joy of unpacking boxes at my new house, filled only with my favourite things, and finding new places for them.  I loved re-arranging the furniture until it felt right, placing out my beloved objects, and making our new house feel like home.  

Like many children, my room got messy and had to be cleaned on a Saturday.  Once I finally found my mojo and got going (sorry for the procrastinating Mum) a room clean often turned into a complete re-arranging of my furniture and decor. I would be in there all day, even moving furniture on my own as I was impatient and excited to see the results of my newly imagined layout -  I was so determined!

Not much changed between kinder and VCE.

Not much changed between kinder and VCE.

As if that were not enough, when I visited my friends houses I would clean and arrange their bedrooms too!  Their parents were quite surprised (yet thrilled). I loved that it meant seeing all the cool stuff my friends had, and setting their rooms up to display it all well.  So I have had an eye for a well laid out room and good decor for quite some time. I thought that everyone was like me in this way; only now am I realising that in fact I was laying the foundations of becoming a professional de-clutter and interior styling consultant - and I absolutely love what I do.

My teens saw me change to a school which offered an outstanding visual arts program. I indulged my passions during VCE, studying Visual Arts Painting, Visual Arts Drawing, Ceramics and English. I found my place in this space.  I also discovered my aptitude for running events, holding an art exhibition for the VCE arts students.  I was in my element. 

Then during my career in telecommunications & financial services, I discovered another passion; training others.  I loved seeing people expand their knowledge and understanding. It was something that I wanted to do more of.

Marrying my wonderful husband, becoming a mother and moving to the country was life-changing for me.  I discovered a love for sewing and created my craft label Chicken Ink. Creative.  It was my first taste of small business, crafting and blogging.  It connected me with many like minded creatives in the East Gippsland region and nationally.  It prompted me to go back to design school and really expand my skills.  This is what I wanted to do for life.

Today, I work with people 1:1 to train them to manage their home and create their ideal space.  To understand their behaviour and emotions around their 'stuff', to say goodbye to the clutter, to create positive change & to design a home space that they love.

To start, I lead clients through the de-clutter process and set them up with lifetime management strategies. Sometimes the process is emotional and sometimes its dusty; and that is absolutely ok. It means we are achieving a real break through. I am there to offer support the whole way; physically, emotionally and philosophically. Once the clutter is addressed, I help people to identify their personal style, and mindfully choose items to complete the space.  We find the sweet spot between clutter and sparse. I believe everyone deserves a home which is beautiful to them.

The entire process is a wonderfully positive, life-changing experience

As for the future?  Well I plan on helping as many people as I can, but I am always adding to my skills and expanding my scope. So you will have to watch this space and see what I get up to next!

Thanks for reading. I hope to be able to help you too, when you're ready to create amazing change in your home.

Cheers, Tania