ISCD Designer Rugs Competition Semi Finalist

I am thrilled to announce my rug design has been selected as a Semi-Final entry in the prestigious Designer Rugs competition, via my studies at International School of Colour and Design - iscd.  It has been judged as part of the ISCD Mid-Year Graduation Industry Awards.

This is a highly sort after award, with the final 6 designs which are selected at the end of the year being put into commercial production by Designer Rugs.  The top 3 designs are featured in Real Living Magazine along with their designer.

My design named Wildflowers was createdas a part of my Certificate IV Design. It reflects my love of native flowers and cool,  muted colour palette. 

The Design Process: To create this design, I researched different flowers and created many pencil sketches of what I observed.  From there, I used collage to combine the separate flower sketches into one motif, consolidating the arrangement by over-drawing it in fine-liner.  I then scanned and digitised the design to move it onto the computer.  I was then able to explore colour and tone to reach my final piece. 

Now to wait 6 months to find out if I my design is selected as one of the final 6 at the end of the year!