Hey Dads: A guide to a slipper free Mother's Day

Want to show her that you really love and appreciate her?  Here is the hot tip - don't say it with slippers (she's already got them) or gimmicky "World's Best Mum" trinkets.  Instead, give her the things she really wants:

  • to be pampered
  • to spend quality time with the family
  • a day off from housework
  • a break from the challenges of parenting...  even if it's just for one day.

Follow my 4 step guide to quickly and easily identify what you need to be doing this Mother's Day. 1, 2, 3, 4...go!

Step 1: Pamper her

Present her with a voucher for any of these services:

Or to her favourite hobby/relaxation activity

Let her book in her own appointment.

Step 2: Spend time with her

Take her out to one of these places:

Cafe or restaurant
The movies (to see something she wants to see)

Plan it, choose it, book it, make it happen.
You know her better than anyone; choose the quality time activity which best reflects
her personality.
Even if that means going bungee jumping together.

Step 3:  Do the work for her

Do at least one of these things throughout the day:

Take care of all the cooking
Make her a cuppa (multiples if needed) and give her peace and quiet to read or watch TV
Clean the house, do the clothes washing & the dishes (this will score HUGE points)
Clean her car

The idea is that she gets to do what-ever she wants while cleaning happens around her.

Step 4: Be a great partner/support person to her

Dads/Partners/Teenage Children/Parents, do at least one of these:

Deal with all the kid’s disagreements for the day
Run the bedtime routine on your own; Mum just does kisses and cuddles
Give her chocolate/cheese and wine/scotch
Run her a bath before bed

And remember:

We prize peace & quiet + feeling appreciated + quality time with loved ones
We love being pampered with the things we want but rarely splurge on for ourselves
We give up a lot of things for you all the time
We love you more than we loves ourselves
Mother's Day goes for the whole day

Mums: If this is the Mother's Day you'd like this year, share this post and tag your partner!