How using a professional organiser and personal shopper changed my every day experience

Guest Post: A genuine customer experience

Looking through my wardrobe for something stylish to wear that matched my confident feeling on the inside was leaving me flat.

There was so much in my cupboard that was just there for the sake of being there. I wanted a wardrobe that made me feel beautiful and I knew changes had to be made, but I had no idea where to start. My wardrobe needed to reflect me and there was so much in there, that just wasn’t me anymore.

This is when a conversation with my friend Tania began to shift me. And was I scared!! I knew this is something I wanted, something I needed, but having someone go through my cluttered mess…could I do this? Yes I could! Tania’s approach to how this transformation would unfold was gentle, considered and so well explained, that I knew what was happening would be a good thing. Tania and I talked through the whole process about how letting go of those items that spark no joy was going to lift me and lift my wardrobe.

Taking all my clothes out of my drawers and wardrobe was confronting. Seeing it all laid out bare in their own piles and really assessing what was there really began to feel exciting. I was about to assess it all and find out what was missing. Hangers littered the floor, clothes piled high on my bed and this process was well and truly underway. Once the piles were formed, one by one Tania picked up each item, and I made the decisions quite quickly as to whether I loved it or loathed it. I knew if I thought too long I would not truly get the value out of what was happening. I had to ignore what each item had cost, what it had once meant, and remove it if it no longer served me… or more importantly keep it if it made me feel good! The pile on the floor grew quickly and I was quite shocked at what had been removed. This was such a release! We began to hang the items that I loved back in the wardrobe, with precision. Big to small, pants to skirts, tops to jackets. It looked amazing. I had an organised looking wardrobe!

The process continued with learning how to fold clothes for the drawers in a way that made it all fit, folded neatly and with precision that I have continued since that day over a month ago. Tania you would be proud! This is when I could finally see and realise what it was I was missing. I could finally see the gaps. But I had no idea how to fill them in a way that I wanted. I could shop for bits and pieces, but I wanted to have clothes that I could layer and that I could feel beautiful in. I needed a change in my casual attire, but also a business look for work.  I needed to shop! And that’s were Tania suggested Jane, a stylist who knew how to help someone shop.

Through our initial conversation, I was able to give Jane an idea of what I currently wear, what I wanted to add and the colour palette I preferred. A budget was discussed and our day and time was set! I knew I was going to spend a lot of money; but I also knew this was going to be an investment that would give me a wardrobe to make me feel fantastic!

My shopping day arrived and to say I was excited was an understatement. I was about to have someone transform my wardrobe that would fill me with confidence. After browsing through the racks and picking about 10 items it was time to hit the change room... and from there it was a non-stop flow of items coming in to try on. Jane soon worked out my style and even brought me items I would not have thought to try on. I trusted Jane quickly and knew I had to try what she was bringing me, although I did say no to one or two items. I was learning to trust my own judgement too! Jane showed me how to layer my clothing and being winter, I needed this to work and work well. And it has! Tops, jackets, skirts, pants, scarves, boots – I now had it all! Jane took me to places where the shop attendants were part of the process and were able to help me shop. My very own personal assistants on tap! I have never tried on so many clothes at once and I am very happy to say that I came out with so many amazing outfits.  I went home, took it all out of the bags and tried everything on. It was such a wonderful day. I spent up big and bought quality clothing that I know will be in my wardrobe for years. It is such a nice feeling to slide the door open on my wardrobe, see my beautiful clothes inside and know I have so many amazing pieces to wear.

I have been shopping on my own since my day with Jane and I am so conscious of what I am buying to ensure it fits with other pieces so I can match what is already there.

I cannot thank Tania and Jane enough. You have allowed me to have a wardrobe full of joy, which means I can wear clothing that lifts me up. You two beautiful ladies have changed my life. Thank you!

K.T. Paynesville