Getting that holiday feeling at home

I have a beautiful client who told me when we first met that she felt the need to go away on holidays in order to relax and unwind.  Home was not a place for her to regroup and recharge her batteries, but rather a major contributing factor towards her stress and anxiety. This is exactly the type of situation I am on a mission change!

We all deserve a home that creates daily joy in our lives, so it got me thinking... what lessons can we learn from our experiences whilst away, that we can bring into our everyday lives?

We take only our favorite essential items
When we pack, we are meticulous about selecting what to bring.  Try to pack too much and it won’t fit in our luggage or will be too cumbersome to carry.  Don’t bring enough or bring the wrong things, and you will find yourself making unnecessarily purchases or regularly cleaning and washing instead of being out and about.
Holiday to home lesson: Get really clear about what you need, what you love and what is important.  Everything else is just weighing you down.

Accommodation is organised, clean and well presented
When you open the door, there is a prevailing sense of calm. The surfaces are clean and clear, as are the drawers and closet.  You unpack your items and hang your clothes on a handful of hangers.  Your place the rest of your things in the drawers, often with space to spare. You stow away your luggage in the allocated space, and lay out your toiletries on the vanity. Everything you need is present and easy to find.
Holiday to home lesson: Clean and clear surfaces free from clutter are crucial to creating a restful, holiday atmosphere. There is a place for everything and everything is in its place.  You can find what you need, get ready with minimal fuss, and get out the door to experience life sooner!

The best accommodation has thoughtful decor to create atmosphere
A clutter free environment is crucial for relaxation, but it is only half the picture.  You know those really fancy hotels and B & B’s? They’re more expensive because they have invested time and money to create a desirable environment. They understand that what we see and touch has a very real impact on our experience.
Holiday to home lesson: Whilst we don’t all have the budget of a 5 star hotel, the key here is to mindfully design your space to create a place where you feel special; according to your budget. The best bit is you get to design it to your particular tastes and you don’t have to share it with strangers!

Self Care
Do you make better decisions for yourself when on holidays?  Get up earlier, take a morning walk, eat more fruit, do yoga, try new things and stop to smell the roses? It’s because your environment is conducive to this behavior.
Holiday to home lesson: What things do you wish you did more of in your daily life?  Take a look around your home and consider what changes you can create to make it easier to be that person.  Perhaps you can clear out the spare room to create a studio, or a dedicated space for play?  Maybe you need to refine the gadgets in the kitchen down to those which help you make better food choices, or chuck out all the old make up filling up your bathroom cabinets?  It all contributes.

Deliberately disengaging from work and study to have fun!
If anyone dares log onto work emails or field client calls whilst on holiday, you can bet the people around them will kick up a stink!  The whole purpose of getting away is to give yourself time to slow down, unplug and relax; and to focus on your favorite people whilst seeking happy experiences.
Holiday to home lesson: Take time to stop and do fun things with your loved ones.  It is so easy to get sucked into our responsibilities to work or the housework, but we also have a responsibility to each other.  Life should be an equal split of work/rest/play, but somewhere along the way the play loses out to the work.  Remember to prioritise fun into your life at home.

Because going away is fun, but coming home should be better!  There is no place like home.

Think back to your own holiday experiences.  What are your favourite things which you can put into practice in your home?