Small Changes, Big Difference

Here are 8 super easy changes you can make to your daily routine and house rules which will make a big difference to the way you feel at home. 

  1. Make the bed daily: Yes!  There are actually people that make the bed every single day! Yes, I am one of them. For me, it started properly in my mid 20's when my husband and I made a pact to do it every day.  Occasionally it might be 5 minutes before we hop in, if we have had a particularly challenging day!  But mostly it's before we leave the house for the morning.  Let me tell you; coming home to a nicely made bed feels like luxury and getting in is even better!
  2. Keep the kitchen table clear for meals:  It can be the scene for many different family activities including study, play (Lego anyone?), craft and more.  Make it a habit that when these activities are completed, or when it is time for a meal, the table is cleared away entirely.  Yup.  No pushing things up to one end or eating on your lap on the couch instead. It is better for your health, your family connection, your state of mind and of course the state of your house!
  3. Have a designated dumping space: Yes! Controlled clutter is ok! We all need somewhere to dump our keys, wallets and work passes. We also need somewhere to queue up things that need to leave the house like library books awaiting return.  My Mum taught me the concept of the 'dumping bowl' which is by the front door.  These days, we have the 'dumping basket' which holds these things.  It is great knowing when it is time to leave, I won't be running around the house like a crazy person looking for things I needed 5 minute ago!
  4. Deal with incoming mail immediately: Paper build up - ahhhhhhhh!  Makes us crazy!  Deal with your incoming mail the day you receive it,  then get rid of it!  No more piling up on all available surfaces around the house.
  5. Tidy up your desk: If you study or work from home (or have a desk at work for that matter) give yourself 5 minutes at the end of every day to put your desk back in order, ready to start again tomorrow.  This might mean updating your to do list for the next day, straightening up, filing away or even vacuuming. Set yourself up for success!
  6. Clear your kitchen sink: OK confession time.  I do not like doing the dishes, but yes they are a fact of life.  We can be so exhausted by the end of the day, that the thought of doing dishes is all too much.  (Even with a dishwasher). But do you know what is worse?  Waking up to a sink full of dirty dishes.  (Why didn't the dishes fairies come over night)?  Lucky for me, my husband is really good at helping me maintain the kitchen area and the aim is to go to bed with a clear kitchen every night.  I am ALWAYS pleased we did the next day!
  7. 5 minute pick up: At bed time, scan the house and identify what items have been left out.  Spend just 5 minutes putting these things away.  Not a lot of time or effort but will be happy in the morning!
  8. Bedrooms set for restful sleep: Yes, I do mean kids rooms!  But adults rooms as well. I have an 8yo daughter and 5yo son. Every single night they return their bedrooms back to order before hoping into bed.  This is very important for good sleep hygiene and to set them up with the right habit for life.  If you do this daily, it will take less than 5 minutes; with the added bonus of more time available on the weekend for play, as your kids won't be faced with having to clean a deeply messy room!  Hey grown-ups - same goes for you!

These are the things we do in our household every day (mostly, nobody is perfect) and I know that if you introduce them into yours, you will appreciate the change it creates.