{Local Spotlight} Wendy Davidson - Art and Furniture Restoration

Living regionally doesn’t have to mean missing out on exceptional home-related products and services.  There are so many talented artists and dedicated business people doing their thing in East Gippsland, and I am making it my mission to find them and bring them to you! 

Local Spotlight:
Wendy Davidson
of Gypsy Heart Decor

Your old furniture can be re-imagined!
Is your house filled with old wooden furniture which you loved 10 years ago, but looks orange, or too dark and dated today?  Maybe it just doesn't suit the decorating direction you're moving in, but don't want have to purchase all new furniture.

If you want to update and make the most of what you already have, but can’t do it yourself, then I have the woman for you!

Wendy Davidson is the type of person who can turn her creative hand to just about anything, and it turns out just right.  To the outside observer it seems to be effortless, but many years of study and practice informs each of her creative projects.  I met Wendy around the Bairnsdale creative scene several years ago and recognised instantly that she had serious talent.  She is a graphic designer by trade, but I have observed her flexing her creative fingers in many different creative fields, including blackboard typography, dress making and fine art painting.  I was genuinely excited when she announced the launch of her new enterprise into furniture restoration, because I knew that the pieces would be completed beautifully and to a high standard; and because she would be offering something special to our region.

Hers is the quintessential story of a local girl who made good following her passion.  Sitting down with her over a cup of tea, I learnt that her parents, who were both artists, supported and encouraged her pursuit of a creative career; which has seen her spend time studying and working in both Melbourne and East Gippsland. Her hard work and dedication to her creative practice started at the age of 17 when she attended Box Hill TAFE.  She studied a wide range of creative disciplines, including Finished Art, Photography, Illustration, and Graphic Design.  She then took on an apprenticeship with James Yeates and Sons locally in Bairnsdale, in conjunction with the Melbourne College of Printing and Graphic Art working as a graphic designer and won the Robert Elliot Memorial Award for Design Excellence in her final year.   She went on to work for several prominent art houses in Melbourne including Markby’s Art House, and then Egee Printers in Bairnsdale on returning to the region. 

Her new furniture restoration business focuses on helping clients to give new life to existing pieces of furniture, or she can assist to source a second hand piece for renovation.  She then custom designs it to the client's specific style specs. Excitingly, clients can request a creative painting design element which utilises her fine art skills, making it unlike any other piece and creating a real WOW moment.

I recently commissioned her to renovate a cupboard I purchased on Bairnsdale Buy Swap Sell.  The piece was nice-ish, but I wanted something more in line with my aesthetic goals.   I briefed Wendy on what I wanted - a mustard cupboard with white painted design element - showed her my inspiration image, and she set to work.  In short time she offered me 7 different design options for the hand-painted finish!  The end result was above my expectations.

If you have furniture or decor that needs a re-fresh, or you want a show piece for that special area in your home, you can contact Wendy directly:

Facebook: Gypsy Heart Decor
Email: faewillow@live.com.au
Phone: 0421 596 605