Where to donate your de-cluttered items in East Gippsland

Animal Aid Bairnsdale & Sale would love your donations of blankets, towels and pet bedding and scratching posts. No pillows or doonas please!

Animal Aid Bairnsdale & Sale would love your donations of blankets, towels and pet bedding and scratching posts. No pillows or doonas please!

De-cluttering your home can benefit your family in so many ways!  But once you have done the hard, emotional and physical work sorting through it all, you can be left with the problem of what to do with the stuff you don't want.  You may feel stuck; wrongly obligated to keep things which in no way serves you or supports your de-clutter efforts.

The great news is that that these items can be sent back out into the world, to connect with people that will genuinely appreciate them and your donation; charity and community organisations in particular. Of course your local Op Shop is a great place to donate your items.  They may not however take all the types of items you wish to de-clutter, nor are they the only organisations who would appreciate your thought, support and donations. 2nd hand underwear, toys, soft toys, personal hygiene products, blankets, towels and food are just some of the items which are hard to know what to do with. Especially items which might be older but never used (like that time you accidentally bought the super maxi pads, when you really just needed the regular slim kind).

I have researched some organisations in East Gippsland who are looking for donations to carry on their great work, and have listed them below.  This list will remain live; I will add to it as I become aware of more groups in our region.  If you know of one which should be on the list, please email or leave a comment below.  I would also really appreciate it if you could share this resource online so that lots of people can support these worthwhile causes!

Before you make a donation

There are a few things that you should know when considering donating second hand items to a charity or community group:

  • Please don't give them your rubbish.  If it is broken and cannot be used for its intended purpose, has rips, stains, mould, smells funny or is generally in bad condition, please do not donate it.  It costs charities thousands of dollars every year in rubbish removal which is a heavy financial burden.  Please don't add to this problem!
  • Electrical items are often unwanted as they have to be tested for electrical safety by an electrician before being sold.  Please check with your intended charity before donating an electrical items.
  • People who are experiencing a time of need deserve dignity.  Your donations should reflect that.  Ask yourself "If I found this item at the Op Shop, would I be happy to buy it"?
  • They need donations all year round, not just at Christmas time.
  • Please make your donations during business hours or by arrangement.  Goods which are left outside donation centres after hours can be rummaged through by unscrupulous people, leaving a big mess for charity workers to clean up on a near daily basis.

CATEGORY: Children's clothing, toys, furniture and products

A Better Life For Foster Kids Inc SALE

PH: 0412 154 424

Helping foster children and their carers in an attempt to provide a normal and enjoyable life for children.

Items Accepted:

  • New & used toys in good condition, with all parts included (excludes stuffed toys) 
  • New & used furniture
  • New & used clothing in good condition (new underwear only
  • Unused nappies
  • Unopened baby products such as dummies/bottles/cutlery/plates
  • Unopened personal hygiene products such as baby bath/shampoo/powder

Please call ahead and speak with volunteers to arrange your donation.

CATEGORY: Children's clothing, nappies, soft toys, bags and other products

Backpacks 4 Vic Kids BAIRNSDALE

Collection Point -
PH : 0448 608861

Filling backpacks and nappy bags with essential and personal items for kids going into foster and kinship care.  They collect for children aged from birth to 18yo, sizes 0000 to 20.

Items Accepted:
There is an extensive list of items which can be donated.  Of special note:

  • Stuffed toys in good condition
  • Baby formula
  • Feeding bottles and sippy cups
  • Disposable nappies and wipes
  • Baby bath/shampoo
  • Baby blankets
  • Pj's
  • Stationery
  • Hats and sunscreen
  • Books
  • Pillow cases
  • Tooth brushes and tooth paste
  • Deodorant and other personal hygiene items
  • and much more!

Please visit their website for the full details of what and how to donate.

CATEGORY: Women's Underwear

Uplift Bras - Gippsland BAIRNSDALE


Collection Point -
Rachel's of Bairnsdale 48 Bailey St Bairnsdale
PH : 5153 0890

The project collects new and second hand bras for women in disadvantaged communities for whom a bra is often unobtainable or unaffordable.

Items Accepted:

  • New & used bras in all sizes
  • New underpants
  • New & used speciality articles such as maternity bras, mastectomy/pocketed bras, breast forms, cloth nappies, wigs and turbans (for chemo affected ladies) are precious and generally in short supply.

No appointment needed to make a donation.

CATEGORY: Women's Sanitary and Personal Hygiene

Gippsland Period Project BAIRNSDALE

Collection Point -
Annette Wolfe Barrister & Solicitor
26 Bailey St Bairnsdale PH : 5153 0890

Supporting women and transgender men experiencing homelessness in Gippsland with sanitary products.

Items Accepted:

  • Unused regular and super pads
  • Unused regular and super tampons
  • Unused liners
  • Unused feminine/baby wipes
  • Small packets of lollies (not chocolate in summer)
  • Unopened small hand sanitiser gels
  • Small disposable bags
  • Other personal hygiene items
  • Special collection campaigns may request second hand items such as bags (e.g. the Christmas Handbag Appeal)

No appointment needed to make a donation.  Collection point is in the offices above the RACV Shop Bairnsdale.

CATEGORY: Blankets, bedding, towels and animal furniture

Animal Aid Gippsland BAIRNSDALE & SALE

40 Giles Rd Bairnsdale PH: 5152 1389
111 Hopkins Rd Fulham PH: 5144 5940

Animal Aid is a not-for-profit organisation which is dedicated to the care and re-homing of all lost and unwanted animals.

Items Accepted:

  • Blankets and bedding - excluding anything with stuffing
  • (no doonas/pillows)
  • Towels
  • Dog beds, cat beds, scratching posts

Please call ahead and speak with volunteers to arrange your donation.

CATEGORY: Food, clothing, household items

Bairnsdale Neighbourhood House BAIRNSDALE

27 Dalmahoy St Bairnsdale
PH: 5152 5777

Neighbourhood Houses service a broad cross-section of the community, from young children to people in their ninth decade, by offering an extraordinarily wide range of programs, which can include general classes, accredited classes, social groups, workshops, events and functions.  They also provide emergency assistance for people in need.

Items Accepted:

  • Non perishable food items, in date and unopened (to create emergency assistance hampers)
  • Clothing, personal and household items (excluding electrical, mattresses and furniture) for sale in their Op Shop

Drop into Neighbourhood House to make a donation,  If you're unsure of the suitability of an item, please call ahead.

CATEGORY: Wedding Gowns & Formal Attire

Angel Gowns for Australian Angel Babies Inc

Collection Point -
PH: 0412 326 548

Creating Angel Gowns or Angel Wraps, Booties, Bonnets, Blankets, Nappies & family Keepsakes for parents of who have suffered the loss of a baby or child aged from 16 weeks gestation, in the form of burial gowns and keepsakes; providing parents with the opportunity to dress their loved ones in a specially crafted outfit for their final journey into heaven giving every precious child the angel status they deserve, by means of a gown and attire to make their final day as special as every parent wishes for their little angel.

Items Accepted:

  • Ladies Clothing including wedding gowns, bridesmaids dresses, debutante dresses
  • Men's Clothing including suits, vests and ties
  • Office supplies including paper, envelopes, folders
  • Ribbons, buttons, beads, machine needles, cotton thread, appliqués, trimmings, lace, yarn, thread

Please visit their website for the full details of what to donate. Contact Julie to make donation arrangements.

Free To Good Home Online Groups

Another avenue you might consider is listing items on a local free-cycle page, where you might connect directly with locals in need of your specific items. Check out these Facebook Groups:

Have another organisation to add?  Let me know below!

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