46 Compelling Reasons to De-Clutter

Need some motivation to tackle the clutter? Check out these common benefits that many people experience during and after their deep de-clutter:


  • Find lost cash and cheques
  • Prevent accidentally purchasing something you forgot you already owned
  • Save more money due to reduced purchasing behaviour and clearer personal goals
  • Make money from selling 2nd hand items of value


  • Reduce or remove the desire to impulse purchase
  • Have a true understanding of what you already have before you go to the shops
  • Make more purposeful and deliberate purchase decisions and give yourself permission to purchase items which you covert and spark joy


  • Gain back lost space
  • Reduce visual clutter and noise which can cause stress and anxiety for yourself and family
  • Cleaning will become easier and less frequent
  • Display beloved items which have previously been hiding in a drawer or cupboard
  • Give yourself permission design your home to how you want it to look, feel and work
  • Allow yourself to use the ‘good dishes’ and other items reserved for special occasions, and celebrate your life on a daily basis
  • Eradicate junk drawers, junk rooms and other areas of the home which attract clutter
  • Remove out of date food and beauty products which you haven’t realised are expired
  • Host unexpected visitors with ease
  • Find space to put your car in the garage again
  • Know where things are at a moment’s notice
  • Be in the best possible position to move house so that you don’t relocate anything you don’t truly want or need
  • Discover that the problem wasn’t a lack of storage; it was that you had too much stuff!


  • Lead by example to teach children strategies and philosophies to manage their own possessions as they grow
  • Gain more time for family activities because you are dealing with stuff less
  • Host special holidays such as Christmas with less stress and more ease
  • Respond quickly in emergencies (need to pack and leave quickly, illness)
  • Pack easier for holidays


  • Find missing and presumed lost sentimental items
  • Give yourself permission to no longer keep items due to a sense of obligation
  • Release items from your home which have been a source of emotional upset
  • Feel an increased sense of your own personal value
  • Spend time considering what you truly value, who you are and what your personal style is
  • Have a wardrobe which has only clothes you love to wear - you don’t need to have heaps, as long as what you have are your favourites
  • A genuine feeling accomplishment
  • Less procrastination in your life - feel empowered
  • Tackle the things on your To Do list because you will now find the time and focus to complete them
  • Find a community of like minded people who will support your KM journey online (especially if the people around you don’t get it - yet)
  • Discover you can apply the same principles to other areas of your life
  • Discarding items can feel really freeing!


  • Give greater consideration to your ‘need’ vs ‘want’ list; start to really ask yourself what is truly important and work towards long term goals
  • Reduce your impact on the environment; become a more conscious consumer
  • Donate your unwanted good to benefit charities and people in need in your community
  • Take greater care of and have more appreciate for the belongings you keep
  • Make way for exciting new life opportunities
  • Realise that your stuff might not be as important as you once thought it was
  • Shift your focus away from things and onto people and experience
  • Let go of who you may have been in the past, make way for who you are now, and set yourself up for who you desire to be in the future
  • Be a positive influence on others by leading by example

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