Tania Goranitis

After working in corporate customer service training and management for many years, becoming a stay at home parent for the first time sharply changed my focus. Hearing the term 'Less Is More' over 5 years ago, I became committed to finding the very best ways to create a balanced, beautiful and supportive home environment for my new family.

It started with de-cluttering.
Our family of 4 removed over 10 trailer loads and more than 20 large garbage bags of clutter from our home. We can barely remember a thing that went out, and now genuinely love life with less. Today we are in easy maintenance mode.

At the same time I studied Design at The International School of Colour and Design and became interested in environmentalism, minimalism and conscious consumerism; concepts I am passionate about sharing and promoting as I know how they can benefit every household and the future for our children.

Today I use my skills, experience and passion to bring you a unique coaching, design and training service so you too can create a curated, balanced & mindful home for your family.

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