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Are you ready to shed the things which do not serve you nor make you happy?
Do you want to clear the way for new and positive things in your life?

People are realising just how powerful de-cluttering to reduce stress and overwhelm in their life is; and that it sets them up for success when pursuing their passions and life goals. And they'r exactly right.

With my free 7 day email course you too can learn how to de-clutter effectively;  and refine 7 categories in your home & life.
You too can experience the benefits of de-cluttering,  and make life a little easier for you and your family every day. 
It will give you a new point of view on  your stuff,  expand your idea of what constitute clutter and empower you to take action.

Perfect for beginners or people stuck in in-action who would love a step by step guide to getting it done.

Tania Goranitis of Interior Philosophy

When you sign up below and confirm your subscription, I will send you 1 daily email, every day for 1 week; starting from tomorrow.

Challenge Category In each email I will set you a category to de-clutter, along with the knowledge, inspiration and practical processes you need to achieve success.
Bonus Challenge to  stretch yourself further if you're keen to amplify your results.
The Daily Dump will help you to gradually build up your ability to find and release items of no value or importance to you.
The Learn More link will expand your knowledge and understanding even further.
The Interior Philosophy VIP Group on Facebook means you will connect, share and learn from others who are doing it all too.

This course is designed to fit in around your daily life by delivering tasks in small chunks to keep you focused.
At the end of the 7 days, you will have created amazing, positive changes in your life and will have a new understanding of the benefits and how-to of de-cluttering and organising your space.

Check out these participant reviews:

“When I started with you on the first 7 day de-clutter challenge I never realised how doing such seemingly small things would make me feel so much happier and more content. I really notice now when things start to pile up in our household how moody and grumpy I begin to get, and I prioritise taking some time to get things sorted again!”
— J.W. Ellaswood
I was feeling completely overwhelmed by stuff before starting the 7 day course. Since doing it I have learnt some strategies to work on key areas in my home. Tania’s advice has been a real life changer. Thanks again.
— Anon
“You’re overwhelmed. Drowning in Family Life Clutter and Chaos. There’s gotta be a better way. Update and recharge your life skills with some Interior Philosophy and work towards your Happiest Homelife. I’m not so overwhelmed anymore!
I think it was a pretty marvellous well thought out and balanced course. Both achievable yet incredibly satisfying. Is there a part 2?”
— K.N. Stratford
I grew up with a stylish and minimalist Mum and had never thought of myself as a clutter bug, so I was surprised and thrilled by how much I was able to remove during the seven-day challenge. It’s inspired me to work through my house and office as I continue the journey.
— Anon

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How much work will I have to do each day? The assigned categories are designed to be completed in under 1 hour each day.  Time frames vary as each household is different, so please keep this in mind.  

What if I am working or not available during the day/can't complete each daily task? You're free to read the content and complete the tasks at your own pace; morning or night! Daily completion of tasks is ideal but not essential and I recommend you make a commitment for the next 7 days to gain the greatest benefit.

Can I just receive the emails without joining the Facebook Support Group? Yes  you can!  However previous participants have shown that those who join and interact in the online group get much more from the experience. Feel free to work via the emails only.

When in the day will I receive my email? Your first category email will come to you around 24 hours after you confirm your subscription to this service. Don't forget to confirm, or the email series won't be triggered to begin.