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De-cluttering with Kids eBook

Empower your kids to manage their ‘stuff’ so you don’t have to! Stop clutter in its tracks, teach your child different methods to make great decisions, learn how to responsibly dispose of unwanted items and establish some ground rules for easy maintenance mode in the future.

Don’t do it for them, teach them to do it for themselves; and you will be giving them a valuable life skill.

This 30 page eBook is packed with practical information and strategies that you can use now with your child.  It outlines the 6 exact steps our family of 4 took when we removed 10 trailer loads and more than 20 large garbage bags of clutter from our home in 2016! Plus it specifically looks at reducing and managing school work, artwork, sentimental items, collections, clothing and accessories.

This eBook has something for expecting parents through to parents of teens, and all the in-betweens! 

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